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Welcome to the Lida Lakes Improvement District (LLID) website. This website is intended as a primary communication platform and reference resource for the residents of the LLID.

The LLID was officially established by Otter Tail County on July 13th, 2021. The purpose of LLID is to preserve and protect the lakes and to increase and enhance the use and enjoyment of the lakes. It is in the public interest that the LLID work to: preserve the natural character of the lakes and their shoreline environment where feasible and practical; improve the quality of water in the lakes; provide for reasonable assurance of water in the lakes, where feasible and practicable; and to assure protection of the lakes from detrimental effects of human activities and certain natural processes.

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Aquatic Invasive Species

LLID does a lot of work to prevent the spread of invasive species into and out of the lakes.

Otter Tail County Coalition of Lake Associations

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Lead has been used in fishing weights for years. They are finding lead poisoning is a leading cause of death for loons.

Pelican Press article about Lake Llida to be published...

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